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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Business Brainy Man or Sacred Savvy Goddess?

Today I'm grateful I discovered Twitter. I have been having so much fun learning and sharing with my fellow WAHTweeter Tweeps (that's People who are Work At Home Tweeters) (#WAHTweeter in twitter language). 

Who'd have thought a few weeks ago that I'd be mastering a new language by mid March? RT, hashtag, followonFriday, tweeple, twitterverse... and who could have imagined I'd ever think that calling myself a TwitGirl could be a good thing?! ha ha ha. ... and who'd have thought one could have tweeky conversation with virtual strangers and laugh well into the evening over non-existent competitions? 

This happened to me last night, when a guy I'm following tweeted his support for Ellen DeGeneris to be the cover girl of the next edition of "O" (Oprah Winfrey's mag). Not sure how the segue happened from the women's mag "O" to the businessman's "Business Review Weekly" happened, but nevertheless we decided Ellen could have "O" if she left BRW alone for Aussie talent. That evolved into a debate about who would be the better cover person for the next issue of BRW - me or Wayne. 

Help us out... What would you rather see on the cover? Business brainy man? Or sacred savvy goddess? 

Who would you prefer to see on the cover of BRW? The Maverick Spirit, Wayne Mansfield, or the WAH goddess, Anita Revel? See their profiles: @WayneMansfield @igoddess and vote here.
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