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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

13 Ways to Sparkle

13 Ways to Sparkle

In honour of the birthday theme I've decided on ("sparkles"), here are 13 ideas for "how to sparkle" that I'm giving my invitees...

1.... Drink sparkles (aka bubbly)
2.... Wear sparkles (another excuse to give that sequin dress from the 80s another go)
3.... Don a tiara
4.... Speak sparkles (add glitter to your words)
5.... Eat sparkles (fairy bread?)
6.... Behave sparkly (make it your code of conduct)
7.... Make sparkles your middle name
8.... Infect others with your sparkly laugh
9.... Carry a magic wand
10... Sprinkle sparkles wherever you walk
11... Open your eyes (yes, let them sparkle)
12... Wear bling on your fingers
13... And bling on your toes (as for the rest, anything goes!)


pussreboots said...

Happy birthday.

Spice said...

Great list!!! Happy TT and happy birthday!

Julia said...

Happy B-Day and make sure to post some pics of your sparkling guests and party!

Happy TT

Always Been Different said...

Love your list!!
Happy TT!

Suzanne Says... said...

Happy Birthday! I know a girl whose name is Sparkles!

Cheryl-Food Blog said...

I totally forgot about that 80's sequin dress, I must go dig it out! Cool idea!

Vannie said...

Happy Birthday!! love your list ^_^
it's sparkle-icious! hehe

On a limb with Claudia said...

Happy Birthday!! What a fun list! I think we can't sparkle enough.

Tink said...

I'll sparkle some fairydust to your party!

Kelly said...

I hope you have a great sparkly birthday!

You can also whiten your teeth to add a sparkle to your smile..or just get you some grills...hehe.

wear spangle earrings too...

have someone buy you a diamond, nothing sparkles like that. :D

and don't forget the candles...candles sparkle like nothing else.


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Awesome list! I hope your birthday is very sparkly.