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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Countdown to writing madness

Holy moly it's November in only 37 more sleeps. That means only one thing: it's NANOWRIMO time. Why do I do it???? The sleepless nights, the RSI, the crying, the stream-of-consciousness nonsensical writing, the crawling through the desert on sand made of broken glass... why? Because at the end of it I end up with a manuscript!


Sacred Suzie said...

That's cool! A manuscript eh? Interesting. I'll be participating. I'm doing a book club this year for Soul Coaching. It's going to be interesting!

Sacred Suzie said...

I'm so glad my ghost post helped! Write my any time if you have any questions, this is a subject I have been studying a long, long time: sueridler at gmail dot com

Enjoy the coming of spring for me! I envy you that you're moving towards warmth and sun.

Pam said...

Hi there,

I am nominating your blog for an award. Stop by my blog and pick up your award :)

Lady Skye Fyre said...

Hey, thanks for the reminder. I always need a few weeks to clear the decks and get ready.