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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wishcasting with the Wish Goddess

Played with this groovy little "wish card" maker at today. It's like making a vision board, only doing it online by dragging images onto your preferred background.

Came up with the vision of me "shopping with grace, like a princess, with a never-ending supply of dollars, and of course for the greatest good of all!"

This vision made me feel WONDERFUL... then the real world kicked back in and it was back to the grindstone in order to earn the dollars in order to achieve this wish, he he he ;-)))

1 comment:

Signs of Life said...

Absolutely love your blog!! You know what I'm grateful for today? That I read your blog :)

I love the idea you have about taking a photo everyday of something you're grateful for. I'm telling all my friends about it!

I look forward to reading more!