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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

TT3: 13 Things to Name Your Pet Duck

13 Things to Name Your Pet Duck

Spring is well and truly here, as evidenced by dozens of al fresco diners, hundreds of blossoming trees and 13 baby ducklings I saw on my daily walk. To celebrate Spring, here are 13 names I gave each of the ducklings:

1... Rubber
2... Plucka
3... Roast
4... a la Orange
5... Paddle
6... Lucky
7... Dackity
8... Leg
9... Out4a (this is a cricket terminology)
10... Golden (this is a cricket terminology)
11... Champagne (this is a cricket terminology)
12... Sbum
13... Bill


Brenda ND said...

I'll have to remember these if I get a pet duck. Happy TT!

Nicholas said...

I love those, especially Out4a (I often was in the days when I played cricket!).

Tobias said...

Psst, you've got rubber twice

Clara said...

Love the duckling names. Especially Bill. I'd love to know the meaning of the cricket terms.

Enjoy your spring. It's turning fall here. You can check out some fall pix from northern Michigan (US) here.

Lucy Lopez said...

Dear Goddess

I've looked around for your name but couldn't find it, so your title will have to do :-)

I have enjoyed your blog and especially your personal project of cultivating gratitude. I wanted to share your blog with others and giving you this award seems like a nice way of doing that.

Please find out about it here:

Leah said...

Oops, I guess I'm a week late but I just tried thurs. 13 for the first time this morning. :)

feefifoto said...

Very witty. I especially like Rubber,Plucka, Roast and a l'Orange. I wanted to name our dog Taxi but my kids rebelled.

Check out my Thirtten today -- it's almost as silly as yours.